Winter Updates

Man, this year has just flown by! What an absolutely incredible fall I had. It came with a ton of personal growth on the photography side and it feels pretty incredible to see things click and start tracking in the direction I’ve always desired and dreamed of.

I had some big adventures this fall and early winter - a week traversing the Colorado Rockies shooting fall color and checking a major bucket list item off of not only one but TWO concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater (what a magical venue), a few days backpacking the core Enchantments during peak Larch season (that has to be in some of my favorite experiences ever - standalone blog post forthcoming), and of course all the general exploring of the PNW with friends old and new and even getting to show my parents Mt. Rainier for their first time with what became possibly one of the most epic sunsets of my life! I also had a major trade up from a Toyota Prius to a Toyota Tacoma. The addition of the height and the 4x4 has already dramatically improved my trailhead accessibility & winter adventures. This was the first year I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving so I spent the break building out the bed of the truck with a sleep/storage platform for camping out of it and promptly took it down to Trillium Lake at Mt. Hood and spent an overnight in 26 degrees to test it out - I couldn’t be happier with the results! I still need to build the pull out drawer on the left and install the mid-shelf on the right for ski storage. The rails in the open space allow me to drop another piece of plywood in to turn it into space for 2 to sleep or remove and have the ability to put my feet down and sit up when I’m flying solo.

Updated galleries include Coastal, Forests & Mountains, Lakes Rivers & Waterfalls, Man & Nature, and Night Sky. I’m looking forward to my winter adventures - hoping to get out and photo a slight bit more than I did last year to photo but if I end up just skiing the whole time like I did last year, I won’t have a care in the world. Hope you have happy holidays!

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Hey everyone! Where has this year gone?! Hard to believe summer feels like it's almost over. It's been fun and productive so far including trips to the southern OR coast (man, I can't wait to get back there), eastern WA/Palouse region, Mt. Hood, a California coastal road trip, and lots of time spent around Mt Rainier. It's never lost on me how fortunate I am to have that as my backyard. More long treks and late nights to come for sure before the season is over. I'm definitely not wishing away the long days, sunshine, and warm weather but I've got my sights set on fall with a backpacking trip in everyones dream location and ridiculously limited permit location - The Enchantments. I also have a week long trip in Colorado to photo fall color in the Rockies for a few days and then cross Red Rocks Amphitheater off my life long bucket list with not one, but two, back to back shows! Beyond excited for those few trips. Leave a comment if you have CO photo location recommendations!

As for the updates, it's been a little bit since I've added here (like most, I believe, I'm a slave to the social media platforms to stay up to date and relevant). Galleries with new pictures include: Abandoned, Coastal, Deserts & Grasslands, Flora & Fauna, Forests & Mountains, Lakes Rivers & Waterfalls, Man & Nature, and Night Sky. Basically, almost all of them!

Death Valley in Winter

"Welcome to Death Valley! As I like to say this time of year, 'it's a whole lot of valley and a lot less death!'" This was somewhat my official welcoming to my first trip to Death Valley as the employee behind the counter of the visitor center joked to the woman in front of me. He was was pretty accurate as Death Valley in February was a rather pleasant upper 70s and sunny as my quick Fri-Sun trip would prove.

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Hey everyone! Hope you're well in the new year. I'm doing my part to keep myself accountable and updating with a handful of new edits. Some from recently and others from a few years back that I'm finally getting around to. The Forests & Mountains and Lakes, Rivers & Streams galleries have new pictures added to them.

I leave in the morning for Death Valley National Park to photo for the weekend so hopefully I will find some time soon to make use of this blog and share a few additional pictures from my trip aside from just the "gallery worthy" pictures.

Be well

Christmas Cheer!

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